Cottages in Croyde

Luxury Self Catering Croyde Holiday Cottages in lovely North Devon


Cottages In Croyde

cottages in croydeSituated on the western coast of North Devon is the village of Croyde. This famous Devon village is already an attraction in its own right. The thatched roofs of the cottages in Croyde relive the countryside days of old England.

Croyde Bay is another famous surfing spot in Devon, but the town also offers alternative activities such as quad biking and horse riding. If you want to learn how to surf, you can take lessons from the Surf South West or the Surfing Croyde Bay surf schools. The latter is offers a two and half hour lesson while Surf South West school is cheaper and can last for half a day. You can also enroll your children for summer camps such as those held at the Mitchum’s Campsite.

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Although all of our cottages in Croyde provide you with your own kitchens, it is still best to stroll down the beach and taste the local Croyde cuisines. Hobbs Hills serves delectable Mediterranean dishes from lamb cuisines to vegetarian meals. However, if you really prefer making things your own, then you might want to order cut meat from the local Lovaton Farm. If you personally visit the farm, they’ll also show you how they raise the animals. This could be a fun trip and adds more to the countryside feeling in Croyde.

Like many other beaches, Croyde Bay is guaranteed to be busy during the long summer months and the beautiful sunset views are simply breathtaking. If you prefer winter trips for a quieter holiday, walking along the long beach will surely leave you a with a wonderful calm feeling.

If you find Croyde Bay already crowded, then you can also go to the nearby Putsborough Sands which is only a few minutes away from Croyde. You can find rock pools in Putsborough and some interesting cafes and restaurants.

Eight miles to the south, you can bring your family to The Big Sheep which presents fun shows such as sheep races and horse whispering. You can also ride on the ponies and tractors in the farm. If you are looking for a beautiful picnic area apart from the beach, you should go to RHS Garden Rosemoor. The garden is not just for family picnics but also for a simple, but lovely date along blooming roses. It is a tranquil place for people who love flowers. There are also a couple of affordable eateries and souvenir shops along the garden.  

Traveling farther south of Croyde, you’ll also find the historical town of Bideford which was established way back on the 16th century.

Other notable attractions near Croyde include the Ilfracombe Museum and the Willingcott Valley Golf Course.

Devon is truly filled with different beautiful places that one needs to see. Perhaps you should start now with Croyde Bay.